An interdisciplinary studio founded by artists RACHEL DAVIES and DANIEL SAUL...

...make films in response to diverse social and cultural situations, which are humanistic, collaborative, creatively and technically innovative.

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  • Directed animation for MTV Asia ●
  • Revitalised the experience of singing in a girls choir, for the Manchester International Festival and BBC Woman’s Hour ●
  • Made a film about her trans-Siberian journey from Hong Kong to Hull ●
  • Won a major international art prize for a film about teenage gymnasts ●
  • Attached a Bolex camera to a boy’s bicycle pedal in China in a monsoon ●
  • Made Akram’s Khan’s first dance film for television ●
  • Filmed a Japanese pop-star hoovering in a Soho street ●
  • Performed as a yummy mummy at Brixton Academy for Gay Shame ●
  • Made a touring interactive garden in 3 year-olds to create a thunder-storm


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  • Animated 1000 years of history into 3 minutes of television for the Millennium ●
  • Taught children to make giant masks in Bangladesh ●
  • Directed Channel4 news in Taiwan ●
  • Filmed an opera singer standing on the top of a step ladder from a helium balloon ●
  • Commissioned an Iranian artist to cover an entire wall at The Museum of London ●
  • Closed London’s Exhibition Road to traffic to project films on the outside of The Natural History Museum ●
  • Piloted a boat underneath an open Tower Bridge ●
  • Photographed from the world’s highest balcony in the middle of a cyclone ●
  • Made a giant paper bridge spanning Europe and Asia in Istanbul


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